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Soft Enamel Pins are made by stamping a design onto a metal base, creating recessed areas that hold enamel paint. They have a textured surface, and the enamel paint sits below the metal’s surface, giving them a raised, tactile feel. Soft Enamel Pins are known for their vibrant colors, and they are cost-effective to produce, making them a popular choice for various purposes like promotional items and custom designs.

Hard Enamel Pins, also known as Cloisonné Pins, undergo a more intricate production process. Layers of enamel paint are applied and then polished to achieve a smooth, level surface. These pins have a glossy, flat finish with no texture. While they offer a limited color palette, the colors are durable and less likely to fade or scratch. Hard Enamel Pins are often chosen for high-end collectibles or long-lasting wear.

wazoopins soft enamel pin2
wazoopins hard enamel pin2